Couple Arrested at Pump Mart

A police investigation leads to additional charges for a registered sex offender in Salina.

Police arrested 61-year-old Rasikbhai Mody Monday evening, on charges of sexual battery and intimidation of a witness.

Captain Mike Sweeney tells KSAL News that back on February 15th  Mr. Mody allegedly groped a woman’s breast while she was a customer inside his store, at the Pump Mart, 1118 N. 9th Street.

Mr. Mody and his wife, 53-year-old Shobhna Mody, who own the Pump Mart, are also facing charges for intimidation of a witness.

Police say when the customer returned to the store with a friend to complain, Mrs. Mody offered to pay them an undisclosed amount of cash – to not contact the authorities about the incident.

The victim who is in her 40’s notified police of the crime last Friday, which prompted the investigation and a search warrant at the Pump Mart on Monday.

Police also confiscated three bottles of whiskey from inside the store which is licensed to sell 3.2 beer but not hard liquor.

Mr. Mody has been a registered sex offender since 2005.