Another Gone from Class of ‘58

I imagine many of us think the year we were born was special. It probably wasn’t obvious at the time unless it was one of those cataclysmic, watershed types like 1941, 1963 or 2001, but the people born in certain years make you look back and wonder if the stars were aligned just right to give birth to those who would change the world.

Personal note here, I was born in 1958, so for me, it’s a pretty special year. It’s also mathematically interesting that all people born in 1958 are turning 58 this year. While I have not changed the world, (at least not yet) there were three born that year that would change everything about popular music. And now there’s only one left.

The news that Prince died at the age of 57 has highlighted all the influences he had on so many artists, many directly and many others just by his music. He was fearless and timid all at the same time. He seemed to sing and write about other-worldly things, but he was also just a kid from the Midwest.

Another kid from the Midwest born in 1958 would not only influence popular music, he would become the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Starting very young with his brothers and sadly dying so young, it’s hard to not recognize his contribution to music.

And while Michael was making history and breaking barriers with “Thriller,” there was a talented gal from Detroit that was rolling around on the floor, singing like a virgin and leaving and indelible impression upon those viewing the MTV Video Awards in 1984. Madonna took the world by storm and now she’s the only one left. The people who recorded the soundtrack to my life are leaving. Thankfully, all three of the Class of ’58 have left us an incredible musical legacy.