All Invited to Saturday Block Party

Everyone is invited to a big block party in North Salina on Saturday featuring free food, games, entertainment, and even an all star basketball game. It’s all part of “Daddy Bud Day” in Pacific Park.

In the late 1960s “Daddy Bud Day” began. John “Daddy Bud” Curtis, would throw a free block party on July 4th weekend. The event was  geared toward the black community, but open to everyone. It was held at the Carver Center, the location where a segregated swimming pool used to be. Curtis would pay for the food and drinks out of his own pocket. In addition to the block party, there would be a dance in the evening.

“Daddy Bud’s” son Salina pastor and musician John Curtis, Jr. took part in the events as the DJ.  Part of Daddy Bud Day was eventually sponsored by his job, the former manufacturing plant, Wyatt Manufacturing.

After “Daddy Bud’s” death in 1971, the tradition continued for a few more years, ultimately ending in 1974. At the time of the final Bud Day celebration, over 400 people were in attendance. In 2014 “Daddy Bud” was posthumously awarded a Juneteenth Award by the Salina Juneteenth Committee.

Last year one of “Daddy Bud’s” grandsons revived the event. Following the success of the new “Daddy Bud Day”, James Curtis AKA Cash Hollistah, has big plans this year.

Cash tells KSAL News “Daddy Bud Day” is planned for Saturday, July 6th at Pacific Park located at 701 W. Pacific Dr.


The event will be a north end community block party which everyone is welcome to attend.


“Daddy Bud Day” will include:

  • Free Food & Drinks
  • Water Games
  • Dominoes
  • Spades
  • Live DJ
  • Giveaways (courtesy of Salina Shares)

Salina Police will be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs at the event.

An all-star basketball game will part of the festivities this year. Cash will coach the “Big Bank” teams, while his brother “John John” will coach the “Northside Mafia” team.

Sponsored by Be Wealth, the All-Star Game will feature players such as former Harlem Globetrotter and Salina native, Hannah Mortimer, Salina rapper Dee Eazy, Bennington High School Assistant Coach Avery Kidd, and more. The game will be hosted by former KSAL Sports Director Pat Strathman, who is now at ESPN Wichita.

“Hearing stories about my grandfather and what he did for the community, coupled with the lack of events that bring different parts of the community together, especially in north Salina, was what made me want to resurrect it,” Cash said. “I wanted to continue the legacy left by him, my father, and my mother (the late Jeannette Curtis).”


Efforts are currently underway to rename Pacific Park to Curtis Park after “Bud” and his father, John Curtis, Jr. Renovations of the park are also in discussion.

“Daddy Bud Day” is free and open to the public. It is from 10-2 on July 6th, with the basketball game starting at 2.

Bringing your own lawn chair is strongly encouraged. Donations are also being accepted.

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For more info, or ways to donate or give financial contributions, contact Cash at [email protected].
Top photo by Ray Wasike