81 Arrests in Multi-Agency Manhattan Area Drug Investigation

For approximately the past 13 months, the Geary County Attorney’s Office, Junction City Police Department, Geary County Sheriff’s Office, Riley County Police Department, Grandview Plaza Police Department and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation have conducted a complex investigation involving the conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. The investigation involved the use of undercover officers/agents, confidential informants, and surveillance.

Over the past two days the investigation was culminated by the execution of numerous search and arrest warrants. More than 180 law enforcement personnel, including sworn and non-sworn support staff, from state and local agencies were involved in the operation. Law enforcement personnel performed duties from serving search and arrest warrants, processing arrestees, and providing security at the command post during the operation. The effort was a massive undertaking and an excellent example of interagency cooperation between the listed agencies. These agencies and this investigation will make a significant impact to public safety in these communities.

The agencies have arrested 81 people, with additional arrests expected. 54 search warrants were served throughout Junction City, Grandview Plaza, Manhattan, and Ogden. During the searches a variety of narcotics and 17 firearms were seized. This particular case has also displaced a number of children, all of which have been placed in protective custody.