15 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Whenever I think of losing a few pounds, or starting an exercise routine, I start for a day or two, then quickly fall off. This is the same pattern I have with other things I want to accomplish. I get excited when I first get started, but I have trouble with follow through and keeping with the program. How can I set goals and, more importantly, stay on track? First, approach setting up your goals with only the most important and well thought out items on your gotta-make-it-happen list. If the thought of losing a few pounds, or getting into the routine of exercising regularly, has been irritating you for months, now is the time to get serious about setting up a program for success. NOW is the time to tackle that BIG goal that has been haunting you. Take it seriously and get it off of your to-do list! You’ve wasted enough time fretting over getting it done…NOW is the time to get started…NOW is the time to resolve to see it through! Since I know you’re excited to get started…I’m giving you my cut-to-the-chase 15 point list that will help you achieve your goals!

  1. Approach setting your goals after serious thought and consideration
  2. Research, investigate and learn ways to improve your chances for success
  3. Break down the big goals in to smaller ones
  4. Make the smaller goals very precise and specific
  5. Keep the goals something that is reasonable to attain
  6. Set up deadlines for reaching your goals
  7. Build in accountability by telling others or getting an accountability partner
  8. Invest money in making your goal a reality—hire a personal trainer, financial consultant, or Life Coach
  9. Invest emotionally by building up your support systems and decreasing stress
  10. Pay attention to good health habits with eating, sleeping and exercise
  11. Track your progress
  12. Expect to get off course and make a plan for getting back on
  13. If you fall off course, don’t dwell on feelings of failure or negativity
  14. Use positive affirmations and positive self talk to keep you motivated
  15. Reward yourself when you stick to your goals!
Of course…you can use this list to achieve those less important goals. But, challenge yourself to lose that weight, exercise regularly, spend more time with your family and friends, quit drinking, quit smoking, or get organized! NOW is the time to make the change in your life that matters! Donna and Brent are both trying to move toward their dreams. Donna struggles with STAYING MOTIVATED, and Brent talks about his challenges with HARNESSING CREATIVITY and TAKING CHANCES. Listen to “The Joan Jerkovich Show” this weekend as “Your Life Coach” brings you “Empowering Talk Radio”.
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