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Moratorium Approved For Vapor, Hookah Businesses

KSAL Staff - March 10, 2014 4:49 pm

Salina City Commissioners Monday addressed the topic of smoking, and to be precise, hookah and vapor bars.

Salina City Manager Jason Gage told commissioners that there are currently two vapor bars operating in Salina. There are not any hookah bars operating.

In general, a hookah bar is a tobacco bar. There is a request to open a non-tobacco one in Salina. A tobacco bar would be illegal under Salina’s current smoking ordinance.

A hookah is a waterpipe used to pass charcoal heated air through a tobacco mixture and ultimately through a water-filled chamber. The charcoal or burning embers are placed on top of a perforated aluminum foil and the tobacco mixture is placed below. The user inhales the water filtered smoke through a tube and mouthpiece. The water lowers the temperature of the smoke. Hookahs are often shared by several users in a smoking session. The tobacco mixtures used in the hookahs are shisha, boory, narghile, goza, arghileh, or hubble bubble. They vary in composition, with some having flavorings and additives that can reduce the nicotine content.

A vapor bar uses e-gigarettes. An e-cigarette is a battery powered device that allows users to inhale a vapor containing nicotine or other substances.

Gage said that there is a growing concern that these types of businesses atttract underage patrons. Right now neither type business is regulated in Salina.

The planning commission and city commission will address the issue in the near future. 

City commissioners Monday approved a 90 day moratorium on the businesses. No new vapor or hookah bars can open. Those that are already open can remain open.

Fuchs Mi

March 12, 2014 at 10:12 am

How stupid are our leaders in this town? People will smoke many other things in these places than tobacco and nobody will be the wiser. The commissioners are just setting the public up like they always do to illegal activity.

Kammy Reeves

March 12, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Apparently, the people of Salina have too much spare time on their hands! Such a waste. I don’t see how either of these establishments are a positive asset to the town. If a person has spare time on their hands, go volunteer some of it at the library, Pregnancy Service Center or just go pick up some trash that is strewn throughout the streets in spite of the trashcans. Go to your elderly or disabled neighbor’s house & ask if you can clean out the gutters (free of charge) or do any other upkeep they might need. If you’re stressed, mad or whatever reason that brought up this ridiculous idea, quit thinking about SELF for a bit & ask someone if/what they need help with. Salina does have issues, but I do not know of a town or city that doesn’t. A community is supposed to help each other, not verbally or physically attack one another just because they feel like it or just because of differences in opinion! It’s not just a cliche, but more of truth here: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” If a person doesn’t like the way things are for “entertainment” in Salina, get off your butt, quit belly-aching & DO something about it. I’m sure the leaders of Salina would not turn down a family-oriented establishment with good, clean fun & entertainment. The hedonistic desire for such places as a vapor bar, hookah or any other title truly is a waste of time & does not do anything positive for the community. Example: “Yes, I live in Salina, but I do not inhale!” That’s keeping it classy! When a person gets mad, depressed or just needs to unwind…go do something nice for another. (words from my great Grandma) It is so soothing to the heart & soul! But, this vapor place is not necessary.

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