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Large Crowd Attends Fluoride Town Meeting

Todd Pittenger - November 4, 2013 9:05 pm

A standing room only crowd showed up for a townhall meeting on the topic of fluoride and Salina water Monday evening.

Pro-fluoridation and anti-fluoridation panels each had 30 minutes each for presentations. They then took questions and comments from the public.

The anti-fluoridation panel consisted of a Dr. from Wichita, a chiropractor from Wichita, a political activist from Wichita, and a Salina teacher. They presented evidence to show that fluoride does not help prevent tooth decay, and that it lowers IQ. They also suggested that it might cause cancer. They ended with a quote from Dr. Dean Burk, a scientist devoted to fluoride opposition. “Fluoridation is a form of public mass murder”.

The pro-fluoridation panel consisted of two dentists, a medical doctor, and a school nurse all from Salina. They presented differing evidence to show that fluoride is safe, and healthy. They showed evidence that fluoride does help prevent tooth decay, and argued that it is safe, healthy, and effective.

The anti-fluoridation panel presented evidence that tooth decay in Salina, a city with fluoridated water, was actually more that in Wichita, a city with non-fluoridated water. The pro-fluoridation panel presented much different evidence which shows Salina having a 45 percent decrease in dental cavities compared to Wichita in 2012 – 2013.

Members of a group called “Salina Cares” previously requested that the meeting be held. “Salina Cares” is working towards ending fluoridation of the City of Salina public water supply. The group believes that fluoride does more harm than good, and wants the city to immediately stop adding fluoride to the water.

Bob Bowser

November 5, 2013 at 7:17 am

I have just a few comments and questions about tonight’s forum that were not addressed and some that were…

Weren’t we told that the government-specified levels (which have been repeatedly dropped) are maximum “allowable” limits? Why then is our city water department striving to maintain those “maximum” levels?
How much does our city spend yearly on fluoride?
What percentage of that fluoride actually does any good in the mouth? A statement made by Dr. Lesko was that the main benefit is for developing children who don’t get regular care.
How much would that care cost versus fluoridation? Should our community look at providing health services more readily to this segment of our population rather than mass-medicating?

How much fluoridation is actually necessary considering fluoride toothpaste?

Do those scientific studies take into consideration the use of toothpaste and/or
oral hygiene practices (i.e. we’ve all seen Opie on Mayberry RFD wet his
toothbrush so Aunt Bee would think he actually brushed)?

A dental hygienist got up and played the audience with her tears as she
challenged them that their rights should not trump the health of children. When the audience responded, a very simple rule of etiquette in public speaking was broken… Do not challenge the audience to respond unless you expect a response. Do not twist the words of another and think it will go unchallenged.

My challenge is “Personal Responsibility and Parental Responsibility”.

A mother of 5 spoke about her exercise of Parental Responsibility and stated that
care is readily available for children from all income groups. She was challenged by one of the pro-fluoride panelists who said so many appointments made by potentially “free-care” recipients were “no-shows”… and this is the responsibility of ALL of us WHY? (the old adage about leading a horse to water…)

This next one was addressed in the Q&A period and never refuted by the pro-fluoride panel… How long does fluoride remain in the body… Am I correct that some elements compile indefinitely? What can be the long-term effects? At non-toxic levels can we compare fluoride to lead?

And lastly for now, a liberal whose name I refuse to promote and whose importance to the community of Salina is way overestimated by him and his liberal colleagues got up and made some very damning statements… he said that “There are only about 60 citizens in Salina against fluoridation and they all must have shown up tonight.” And he also said there were no doctors who stood against it.

If his first statement quoted is true, is it okay for the rest of potentially uninformed Salina to go about life un-warned about the potential hazards?

His second statement flies as a lie as the speaker prior to him was Dr. Milo Wilcox, my own personal chiropractor who does so much more for my health than simply cure bodily ailments and Dr. Wilcox gave the most damning evidence against fluoride as a mass medication.

The anti-fluoride panelists were so sedate and non-confrontational, that I would
give a win, had this been a debate, to the pro-fluoridation panel.

Yet, my concerns were cemented in by the calm and pleasantness of the against-fluoride panel versus the CONDESCENDING, bobble-heading-arrogance of the pro-fluoride panelists.

You had to be there to witness it firsthand.

Fuchs Mi

November 5, 2013 at 8:15 am

All this concern on fluoride when all you people are getting government doctored flu shots. These shots contain alot more in them than vaccine to fight the flu.

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