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Go with the Flow

Clarke Sanders - April 12, 2016 6:28 pm

I see where part of the proposed sales tax increase will fund some river projects if passed.  In addition to restoring the flow, building some trails is part of what is included.

I don’t think I can support this, but Jason Gage will be our guest on Thursday’s Friendly Fire and Jane Anderson with Friends of the River will be on my show next Monday, so I’m going to give both of them a chance to tell me why I’m wrong.

Here’s the deal:  Almost everybody agrees that the first step in revitalizing the river is restoring the flow.  Hand in hand with removing TONS of silt is building a silt pond so we don’t wind up in this same situation again down the road.  So, what is the problem with taking on that—and that alone—and once that is done waiting a few years and see about funding other projects (including trails) relative to the river.

The river wasn’t broken overnight and it is not going to be fixed overnight.  There are people who are going to work on it who will not realize the benefits of their efforts.  As Wes Jackson is fond of saying, “If you’re working on a problem you can solve in your lifetime, you’re thinking too small.”

The first step in fixing the problem is restoring and maintaining the flow.  Let’s do that and go from there.

Warren Fair

April 13, 2016 at 7:32 pm

You are not wrong Clarke. Am I wrong but didn’t we vote on this river thing in the past and defeat it? Now they are trying an end run around the people vote and trying to stick this in the sales tax proposal. We need no votes on this sales tax proposal folks.

Rick Mach

April 18, 2016 at 4:00 pm

Your idea is excellent Clark. I agree.

Doug Clemens

April 22, 2016 at 12:54 am

Well Clarke I see you are following your station about just having people in favor of this tax show up on your show. Why not have genuine people on your show to tell the other side of the story. By just having Gage and Anderson shows your comments against this is pure bull on your part. Warren is correct we voted this down but Gage and his river friends cannot accept that. Gage is not for the people of Salina but sure accepts his check every month. Put someone who is totally against his view on when he is on to ask the hard questions of him on many issues he is involved in and lets see if he can handle the pressure. As for the arts Anderson why doesn’t she open her check book and put her money where her mouth is on the river. One other point Clarke we the people and taxpayers were told that if we voted for the pool when the tax time came to expire it would. Now they are not letting that happen. Plus they are not letting people go to the poles to vote which opens up another area for fraud to take place. Mail ins were suppose to be for people who could not get to the polling places or were in the military, out of state at the time ect. Now everyone is using it as a means to pass tax issues. Keep in mind you and your station depend on all the taxpayers to keep your station going and to do business with your advertisers not just the 5% pushing for tax increase and the river.

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