Zoo Welcomes New Rhino

There is a new member of the Rolling Hills Zoo family.

According to the zoo, a  male southern white rhino has arrived. Kengele, whose name means “bell” in Swahili, moved from The Wilds in southeastern Ohio, a research and conservation center affiliated with the Columbus Zoo.

Turning 26 on June 9th , Kengele along with Evey, the zoo’s female southern white rhino, will continue the ongoing efforts to sustain the southern white rhino population, underscoring the zoo’s commitment to the preservation and protection of this incredible species. Currently, southern white rhinos are classified as near-threatened due to habitat loss and poaching of rhinos for their horns.

“We are beyond excited to welcome Kengele to our zoo family,” said Brenda Gunder, Rolling Hills Zoo Curator. “His addition to our rhino population provides a wonderful opportunity for our guests to learn about the critical conservation efforts needed to protect these majestic animals. Kengele’s unique personality and impressive presence will undoubtedly make him a favorite among visitors.”
While Kengele acclimates to his new surroundings, RHZ’s rhino barn will remain closed for the next few days.

Once he has adjusted, guests will be able to observe the behaviors and characteristics of one of nature’s most extraordinary creatures.

Rolling Hills Zoo is dedicated to the mission of inspiring people to conserve and protect our natural world. Kengele’s presence at the zoo is a testament to our ongoing commitment to animal welfare, conservation, and education.