VIDEO: Salina Organizations Benefit From Dancing Penguin

If you drove by one of Salina’s busiest intersections Friday morning and you thought that you saw someone dressed as a penguin, in a tutu, dancing, your eyes weren’t deceiving you.

That giant penguin was Salinan Christina Humphrey.

Humphrey, who organizes and helps with charity events throughout the year, had issued a challenge. If enough donations were made to the Penguin Exhibit at Rolling Hills Zoo, the Tammy Walker Cancer Center, and the Salina Charities League she would dress in a penguin costume and dance at the corner of Crawford and Ohio.

The donations were made, so Friday morning Humphrey kept up her end of the bargain. As surprised motorists drove by and watched, some of them honking, she put on her penguin costume, played music from a jam box, and danced.

Humphrey tells KSAL News that she collected a total of $3,000. Each of the three organizations will get $1,000.

Humphrey plans to present the money she collected to a representative of each organization Friday evening during the “Zoo Brew” event at Rolling Hills Zoo.