Trump, Clinton Lose Big Locally

The two front runners from each respective party, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, each both lost big in Saline County in Saturday’s Kansas Presidential Caucuses. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz both cruised to big wins.

Republicans gathered at Salina Central High School to caucus, while democrats gathered at Salina South. Large, raucous crowds gathered at both locations. At Central, 1,895 republicans participated, while 713 democrats gathered at south.

Saline County Republican Party Chairman Clarke Sanders described the turnout as “overwhelming”, while Saline County Democratic Chairman for the 24th District Dr. Phil Black was equally impressed and told KSAL News “it is the way politics should be”.

Saline County Republican Caucus Results:

  1. Ted Cruz – 886 – 46.7%
  2. Donald Trump – 505 – 26.6%
  3. Marco Rubio – 233 – 12.3%
  4. John Kasich – 213 – 11.2%

Saline County 24th District Democratic Caucus Results:

  1. Bernie Sanders – 491 – 68.9%
  2. Hillary Clinton – 222 – 31.1%

Both parties were still tabulating statewide results Saturday evening.