Tag Office to Extend Hours

Following the closure of the South Tag Office on June 7, Saline County residents have experienced increased wait times at the City-County Building for tag renewals.

According to the Saline County Treasurer’s Office, to address these concerns they  will extend the operating hours of the tag office in the city / county building from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, starting July 1.

“We understand the frustration with the increased wait times,” said Saline County Treasurer Jim DuBois. “Extending our hours will provide more opportunities for residents to complete their tag renewals.”

Along with the closure of the South Tag Office, staffing challenges have contributed to the longer wait times. Residents are encouraged to avoid lines by mailing in their renewal forms or using the No Wait Inside online scheduler. Tag renewals and payments can also be processed online with no additional fees.

The Tag Office operates as an agent for the Kansas Department of Revenue and relies solely on income from renewals and title fees, which have not been increased in 17 years.

“The closure of the South Tag Office was necessary due to financial constraints,” said DuBois. “We encourage residents to contact the state legislature with any concerns about funding.”

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