“Sunny Christmas Money” For the Holidays

A Manhattan woman’s Christmas will be a little brighter after she took home the “Sunny Christmas Money” on Saturday.

Tamara Spradling was among a group of a dozen finalists who gathered at the Manhattan Town Center as part of the Alpha Media Manhattan “Sunny Christmas Money” radio promotion. She took home the grand prize of $1,996.76 .

The “Sunny Christmas Money” was a locked box full of cash. The box was on display at various locations around the Manhattan area.  At each location, guesses of how much money was in the box were taken. The closest guess at each location became a finalist.

At the event Saturday, each finalist had the opportunity to change their guess. Spradling made an adjustment, changing her guess to $1,996.51.

Coleena Woods and Sally Peterson from LSB Bank of Leonardville sorted and counted the money. After it was all counted, Spradling’s new guess ended up being the closest, just 25 cents off the total of $1,996.76.

Spradling says that she plans to give some of the money to her mother, and plans to do some Christmas shopping with some of it as well.