School Funding Issue Impacting Local Education Negotiations

Unsettled school funding issues in Topeka are impacting local negotiations between Salina educators and the USD 305 Board of Education. According to NEA Salina, the organization and Salina Public Schools have completed the first round of negotiations.

Both sides have reached a tentative agreement on language changes to the illness and disability pool, to reflect current practices, and the reopening of negotiations if health insurance rates increase by more than 10%.

Each team needs additional time to study proposals that were made during the session.

The major issue that kept negotiations from moving forward is the current funding crisis created by the Kansas Legislature.

NEA-Salina is urging educators, and anyone who supports them, to reach out to your elected representatives with a personal computer and personal email address, and urge your representative to fix the equity issues only during the special session. You can find contact information here: .

The special session of legislature starts on June 23rd.

Salina Public Schools and NEA-Salina will resume negotiations on July 13th at 5:00 p.m. at the Board of Education Building at 1511 N. Gypsum.