Scam Hits Salina

Salina police are investigating a scam that happened over the course of last week.

Last Wednesday, an elderly woman of East Salina received a phone call from someone claiming to be with Delota Technology saying that her computer was infected with malware. The caller instructed her to pay $300 for the company to fix it. She gave them her credit card information, and they withdrew $310.

They called later asking for her checking and savings information, which she provided them, and instructed the woman to make a wire transfer of $1,950 for the repairs to her computer. She went to Dillon’s and made the transfer.

The hackers called Friday to inform her the transfer did not go through. Upon checking with Western Union, the woman discovered that the money had been successfully picked up.

This is when she realized that she had become a victim to a scam and called police.

Her total loss is $2,260.