Salina Loves Its Rock Music

He has survived a brain hemorrhage, a stroke, a hole in his heart, and even working for Donald Trump in “The Apprentice”. Friday night Bret Michaels rocked the Salina Stiefel Theatre, singing the greatest hits of his band Poison.

Michaels, who has also starred in multiple reality television shows and is the star of the current Travel Channel show “Rock My RV With Bret Michaels”, met with fans on his tour bus before and after the show. Following the show various items that Michaels wore on stage, including his signature bandanas, were auctioned off.

Michaels is among a growing number of rock acts that have sold well at the Stiefel, including most recently Rick Springfield. Several similar-type acts are on the horizon at the Stiefel including Melissa Ethridge this coming Wednesday night, and ZZ Top on October 20th.

Another rock singer / reality show star will also perform in Salina. Kip Winger, lead singer of his namesake band Winger and counselor on VH1’s “Rock Fantasy Camp”. Kip is currently on an intimate solo acoustic tour. He will perform at the Paramount Bar in Salina on Friday, October 11th.

Kip Winger in Salina:

Full schedule of Stiefel Theatre events: