Safe Haven from Human Trafficking

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt joined in on the KSAL Morning News Wednesday with a sobering look at human trafficking and prostitution.

“Holding another person for the purposes of exploitation through fear or coercion or other forms of threat is human trafficking,” he said.

Schmidt says prosecuting trafficking cases remains difficult because of the relationship between the criminal and victim.

“Usually the victim does not view himself or herself as a victim – especially the sex trafficking case. Because it is a crime of total dependence,” Schmidt said.

“The trafficker, the pimp has made himself in the mind of the victim indispensable.”

One plan set in motion in Kansas for restoration of victims is a staff secure facility. Attorney General Schmidt told KSAL listeners that the model is a ground breaking move to reach victims of sex trafficking.

“A staff secure facility is not a jail, but it’s also not a hospital with just a completely open door.”

Schmidt added that the facility provides services for a period of 30 to 60 days. “Hopefully their first instinct – which is to run away and not get help is defeated,” he said.

“Then they are more willing to receive services over a long period of time.”

January is human trafficking awareness month and the National Resource Center can be reached toll free at 1-888-3737-8888. Learn more about the fight in Kansas at