River Talk

Members of the Smoky Hill Renewal Group are inviting the public to a Q & A session on Monday evening, to learn about what a river project could mean to Salina.

Salina Downtown Executive Director, Melissa Hodges tells KSAL News that it may be hard for some to envision what the river could be, “I think we need to talk about getting water flowing through the channel,” she said.

“Making sure we have a healthy river channel and that it is capable of helping us in the event that we need it for any kind of flood control. That’s the discussion we’re trying to engage in.”

That discussion is set to take place Monday, October 21st inside the Visit Salina Annex, behind the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce Building located at 120 W. Ash. The meeting begins at 7pm and is open to the public.

Friends of The River President, Troy Vancil tells KSAL News that water flow is step one of a greater vision, and that representatives from ConsultEcon will be on hand tonight to answer questions about the potential project.

“All the nice bells and whistles we’ve talked about – you can’t have any of those unless you have water flowing through,” Vancil said.