Ready To Let The Dogs In

Dogs at the Salina Animal Shelter will soon be moving back into a refurbished and renovated new home.

Resurfacing and sealing of the floor, and replacement of the aged aluminum kennels is complete. Officials are waiting for caulk to totally dry, before moving the animals back into the new area. It is anticipated that they will be able to move in later this week.

The resurfaced, sealed floor will be more comfortable for the animals. It will be easier to clean, making it more sanitary.

The new kennels are state of the art. They are stainless steel, with glass fronts. The glass fronts are frosted at the bottom, a feature that will have a calming effect, giving the animals more privacy.

The project took a couple of weeks to complete. The animals were temporarily moved to a boarding facility while construction was going on.

The project is funded through a grant from Petco.

The Salina Animal Shelter is a nonprofit organization, and a division of Salina’s Parks and Recreation Department. The organization provides animal control, adoption services and wildlife management. The shelter is a no-kill shelter, meaning that over 90 percent of the animals it receives are saved.



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