PHOTO GALLERY: Fire Burns Salina Park

A fire blackened several acres of a Salina park early Wednesday afternoon. At around 12:45 in the afternoon, firefighters were called to a report of smoke, and a “popping sound” coming from inside a wooded area of Indian Rock Park.

First responders discovered an active grass fire, that was spreading into a treeline. The growing fire was on the west side of the hill, below the shelter house that sits on top of the hill. Because of where the fire was located, crews initially had a difficult time getting to it.

Firefighters were able to use portable backpacks, and also were able to stretch a long hose from a truck parked at the top of the hill, to quickly get the fire under control. They were able to get the fire stopped before it spread to the shelter house at the top of hill. The fire was under control by 1:15.

Crews took a blade off a multi-purpose truck, and planned to get it back into the area of the fire to spray down any hot spots, and to make sure the fire did not re-ignite.

Though several acres of trees and grass were burned, there were no injuries.

The fire at Indian Rock was the second fire of the day the Salina Fire Department responded to. Earlier in the morning a fire damaged the inside of a home at 809 W. Iron.  The resident and two dogs were able to escape uninjured. The Salina Fire Department told KSAL News that the fire was contained to the inside of the walls of the home.