One Ticket Down Memory Lane, Please

KSAL StaffMarch 31, 2016

It takes me back to being in the white Avalanche with dad. It brings me back to lacing up my dirty, worn down cleats, trying desperately (and mostly failing) to braid my hair, throwing on a pair of cheap sunglasses, and getting my game face on for the scheduled three or four games we’d have on a balmy 102 degree Kansas summer Saturday.

It brings me back to senior prom, my big puffy red dress and mismatched corsage, taking off my shoes halfway through the evening and dancing until I was a sweaty, tired mess.

It takes me to sitting in my bedroom hearing my parents yell “WHAT THE —” when the Sopranos finale abruptly went to black.

It brings to Kaufmann Stadium in 2010 when Billy Butler was who I had to look forward to. It brings me back to clinging onto a hope that I never thought I’d see to fruition (I only had to wait six more years!).

Steve Perry’s strong tenor will always reverberate deep into the memory vault. Whether it be Don’t Stop Believing or Oh Sherry, or god forbid Lovin’, Touchin’ Squeezing, Journey takes me back through space and time quicker than any other artist or group. I remember being in third grade asking for Queen, Aerosmith, Boston, Elton John and of course Journey CD’s for Christmas, and then playing them so much that I had to start skipping Dream On and You’re My Best Friend because the CD wore down so quick.

Yes, it is true I wasn’t alive during the 70’s and 80’s, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the music from the decade. It doesn’t mean that the memories I have attached to the songs aren’t as valid as those who lived through its first rise on the charts. What I love about the hair metal and pop from this particular time is it seems to be the most generationally transcendent music of any genre from any time. You can’t sit here and tell me that when Sweet Caroline starts playing, you get mad that five-year-olds, twenty somethings and middle aged men alike are all shouting “SO GOOD, SO GOOD, SO GOOD!”

I’m a firm believer that if you love your kids, you give them the gift of sharing music and memories with them. Trust me, it’ll go a lot further than you will ever realize.

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