Money And Marriage, Forever Fighting Over Money?

The biggest arguments my husband and I have are over spending. I like to spend and he likes to save. I grew up in a family where my Dad spoiled me and I got everything I ever wanted. Sometimes I wish this were not the case because I know this has set me up for the number one stress my marriage of 27 years has had. Will this bickering over spending ever get resolved? Maybe before we hit our 50th anniversary?

You may think you’re asking a question, but I think you’re telling all of us a beautiful love story!

I’m sure you know the answer to your own question, which is to say that “no” you will never stop bickering with your husband over money. After 27 years of relating to each other in this way, neither of you are going to change.

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One marriage research project I read found that every long-term marriage has that thing (or those things) that they bicker about until “death do us part”. The issue never gets resolved (a key point to take note of…) and couples are good to not expect it to.

Yet, over time, they find their own way of staying connected in spite of their differences. Ahhh…feel the love? I do!

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• Has the way that the two of you bicker about money changed much in the past 20 years?
• If not, why would you want to change things now?
• If the bickering has escalated, are there other stresses in your marriage besides money?
• What is your pattern for coming back together after disagreements?
• How can you shorten the time you spend cussing and discussing, and get down to the business of reconnecting?

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