Intruder Arrested In Salina Home

A man was arrested Tuesday after a Salina woman discovered him inside her home.

Police say that 52-year-old Luella Garret arrived home at 719 N. 7th Street at 3:09 in the afternoon to find a stranger sitting on the couch. The man refused to leave, and she called police.

Police arrived, and arrested the man. He was identified as 30-year-old Maurice Scott.

Police believe that Scott got into the house through an unsecured window.

He is alleged to have emptied two boxes of cereal and taken a brillo pad inside the house. He also emptied a fish tank, and in the process killed two Beta fish that were in it. Scott also allegedly kicked open a locked door on a bedroom.

Scott was booked into jail on multiple charges that could include aggravated burglary, criminal damage to property, and cruelty to animals.

Maurice Scott

Maurice Scott