County Establishes Health Advisory Council

Salina Airport Authority Update Tim Rogers, Executive Director at the Salina Airport Authority reported on plans to rename the airport the Salina Regional Airport. SAA is asking to remove non-precision instrumental approaches and make other operational changes to its code. When individuals plan to erect buildings or install communication towers near flight paths, David Neal, Planning and Zoning Director forwards those applications to SAA for approval. Diagrams and maps showing affected areas will be posted on the SAA website. Other Matters The Commission awarded a bid to Auto Haus for $1700 for demolition and clean-up at 1849 W North Street. As stipulated in the bid, clean-up is to be completed within 30 days. Commissioner Jim Gile said that this matter had been before the Commission for four years. During his update, County Counselor Mike Montoya voiced concerns about a voter registration drive he observed as he walked through the City-County building. One of those helping to register voters had on a shirt that said “Kansas League of Women Voters”. Montoya alerted Don Merriman, County Clerk, who immediately addressed the issue. Montoya repeated that these activities are just to relate to voter registration and are to be neutral in their presentation (meaning the table and those staffing it can show no banners, badges, logos, etc.). Marilyn Leamer, Human Resources Director provided her monthly update. She described plans for the Employee Appreciation Day. County offices will be closed on Columbus Day, October 12, but staff will meet off-site to receive in-service training. Long serving employees will be recognized. Annie Grevas, Community Corrections Director, presented three yearly reports to the Commission. Following final approval at next week’s Open Forum, these will be submitted to the KDOC. — Story by: Karen Shade for KSAL News]]>