Clown Mischief Discouraged

After several reported sightings of “creepy clowns” in Salina, and possible vandalism connected to the fad, the Salina Police Department released a statement on Thursday discouraging the public from taking part in clown related mischief.

Police report vandalism discovered just after midnight Wednesday on the Eric Stein Stage in Oakdale Park caused $50 in damage to one of the pillars. Someone wrote, “Clowns were here,” in black marker and then poured fake blood on the stage.

Citizens have also called SPD to report suspicious behavior of a person or persons dressed like clowns this week near Antrim Street, 1300 block of Derby and the Fox Run area.

Police also responded to Lakewood Park on October 5, at 10pm to the report of an organized fight between clowns and other individuals.


SPD News Release 10-6-16
The Salina Police Department is aware of the recent events across the country involving citizen reports of so called “creepy clowns.”

To date, there have been no known reports of serious injuries or deaths associated with these sightings.  Unfortunately, people are using social media as an opportunity to involve themselves in mischief that may alarm others.

In some instances people involved in these pranks have committed criminal acts and arrests have been made in other jurisdictions.

The Salina Police Department has received reports of “creepy clown” sightings, threats through the use of social media and vandalism.  During one incident an individual, wearing a clown mask, ran onto a school track during a sporting event and then quickly ran off.  This incident was recorded and later posted on social media.  No injuries have been reported and no arrests have been made in Salina.

Undoubtedly as Halloween approaches, we anticipate an uptick in clown sightings.  The Salina Police Department discourages everyone from partaking in this type of activity, as it may cause unnecessary fear and a likelihood of serious injury.

As always if you witness something suspicious please call the Salina Police Department to report it.  Do not attempt to take action on your own.