Book to Help Kids Express Feelings

Talking about how something can make you scared or feel mad is not always easy.

“The Feelings Umbrella” A Teaching Guide About Feelings, a new book written by a Salina woman is aimed at helping children express their feelings in a healthy way.

LaNay Meier is a retired Registered Nurse and former Licensed Addiction Counselor who tells KSAL News that the nudge to finish the book really hit her this past January. “For me, it was a real heart issue to share this story,” she said.

The brightly illustrated book features a little girl named, “Bella” as she encounters feelings and positive ways to express herself.



Fast forward to this weekend: On Saturday, October 23, LaNay will be at Ad Astra Books and Coffee House, 141 N. Santa Fe Ave. for a discussion and book signing at 11am for “The Feelings Umbrella” A Teaching Guide About Feelings.