Bonfire Lights Way to Underage Citations

A bonfire lit the way for the Saline County Sheriff’s Office to the thirteen cited underage drinkers and one adult charged with social hosting in North Salina on Halloween night.

The Sheriff’s Office was contacted by neighbors who thought there was an underage party in the 200 block of West Robson Road. When deputies arrived, they cited eleven people under 18 and two 18-year-olds.

Ginger Siler, 37 of Salina, was charged with 11 counts of furnishing alcohol to minors and one count of social hosting. The party was held at her residence.

Teens cited were Jose Arias, 15, Kalli Shipley, 16, Kylee Poague, 17, Caitlyn Rapp, 17, Regan Forrester, 17, Malik Kelley, 17, Mikayla Moresco, 17, Kayleigh Nicola, 17, Esteban Escobedo, 16, Koltin Montey, 15, Dylan Becker, 17, Cole Calvert, 18, and Evan Irish, 16. The teens are from assorted schools throughout the Saline County area, and all were cited with minor in consumption.