Write In John for President!

Write in John Anderson for President!

I’m thinking about launching a write in campaign for President. I believe people want a real choice, a person with real values, realistic policy’s and no credential’s to be president. That’s me!

Let’s talk about my platform:

First off I would do away with all those fancy dinners at the White House. When we have visiting dignitaries from other countries. I would take them all out fishing and afterwards throw a big barbeque on the White House Lawn. Maybe have a few cold one’s and get down to talking about diplomacy.

The economy:

I do not understand why we need complicated trade policy’s. Why not just require, let’s say 50 percent or more of the goods sold in America made in America?

Radical Terror Groups in other countries:

We drop a sleeping bomb on them and put them to sleep. Then all we would have to do, is move in, determine which one’s are causing all the problems and take them away. We could put them on an island somewhere in the pacific, surrounded by sharks and have them watch re-runs of Gilligan’s Island until they promise to be happy and not hate anymore.

Bathroom Gender issue:

I don’t really care what gender uses what bathroom. Do you? I used the wrong one by mistake once. Just so the issue doesn’t come up again and to make sure our basis is covered. We could have, Ladies, Gentlemen and Whatever. Anyone could use the Whatever.

Finally, yes it is about time we have a John Wayne monument. The Duke was a true American. I’d create a $25-dollar bill and put Wayne’s face on it, with a caption below it that read” Here’s looking at you Pilgrim”.

I almost forgot. I would work for free. Who needs money when you can make it legally. Just ask congress.