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Tired Of Being Single?

Joan JerkovichMay 10, 2018

When will I find the man of my dreams? I’m tired of being single and I’m tired of dating losers.

Looking for a relationship is a pressing issue for many single people. If you follow my radio show, you’ve heard me do Life Coaching with numerous men and women who are asking this very same question.

To draw from what my callers have shared, many of them are, like you, out there in the trenches trying to find a decent person to share their life with. They’re not as picky as they may be characterized to be, they’re just looking for someone who compliments their personal ideals and values. They’re looking for someone who is self-sustaining (Has a Job!), and is of good character…decent, honest and the like.

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Of course they want someone they find attractive, but they’re not holding out for runway model or movie star looks. They’re reasonable in what they want, but they’re not finding Mr. or Ms. Right.

They’ve tried Internet dating, and networking with singles groups, and have gone out with all the meet-ups arranged by friends to no avail. Yes, I would feel frustrated too…I felt that just writing what I’ve heard from my callers!

Patience with finding the man of your dreams can be more easily fostered by making sure that you are living your best life. By that I mean that you are doing the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Try taking the focus off dating and put the focus on you. How many of us make ourselves our first priority? Find activities that excite you and make you smile and, who knows, your involvement in something new may be where you meet that man of your dreams.

Finally, accept what is. Easier said than done. It may not be in the cards for you to find the relationship you long for, or it may be years in coming. Cry and grieve over your loss. Let your girlfriends give you hugs and support.

Again, make yourself your first priority. Live, learn, and grow as a person as you cope with this dessert of love in your life. It will only make you more desirable when Mr. Right shows up on your doorstep.

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