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Sociopathic Parents

Joan JerkovichMay 11, 2017

A sociopathic parent views their child as their “property”. They view them as “possessions” whose only value is if the child does something for the parent, or makes the parent look good. Looking good in public is very important to sociopathic parents, and sociopaths in general.

What are the hallmark traits of a sociopath?

Traits Of A Sociopathic Parent. Abusive, Sociopathic Mother. Sociopathic Parents’ Affect On Children. LISTEN to these topics on “The Joan Jerkovich Show,” this Saturday from 6-7am; or Sunday from 9-10pm. Listen to 1150 KSAL as “Your Life Coach” brings you “Empowering Talk Radio!”

They are natural liars and manipulators who take delight in playing the “game” of deception. They get a high or rush when they can successfully manipulate people with their lies. They love to play the game of hiding who they really are, of hiding their dark side. Getting people to believe in their charming public persona is a game to them, and it’s one they go to great lengths to “win”.

They are self-centered to the extreme, and most are classified as narcissists. A sociopathic parent will use their child to feed their ego. If the child stands up to the dysfunctional parent, or confronts their bad behavior, the sociopathic parent can easily “throw them away” by ending their relationship.

Ending a relationship with your own child can seem unforgivable, but for a sociopathic parent, throwing away their relationship with their child harbors no feeling of guilt or sadness. They rarely feel guilt or sadness or remorse, as their feelings are shallow. A sociopathic parent does not feel the normal feelings of attachment, bonding and love for their children, so if their child does not “serve” them in some way, they simply discard them.

Sociopathic parents will twist things around to make themselves out to be the victim. They are never to blame. Everything is always someone else’s fault. If there is an incident where the child confronts the parent, instead of taking partial responsibility for their own behavior, the sociopathic parent will fully blame the child.

Do sociopaths apologize? No. Why would they? They are incapable of feeling any remorse or guilt for their unspeakable acts. They don’t care that they hurt others or cause them pain. The most notable trait of a sociopath is that they lack empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Joan Jerkovich, BCC Board Certified Life Coach

Joan Jerkovich, BCC
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