Sick Of Job Of 10 Years?

I’ve been working the same job for 10 years now. My co-workers just threw me a celebration party on my anniversary. During the party I just felt like I had to put on a fake smile. I’m so sick of my job! A few of my co-worker friends know that I’m getting anxious to do something else and have been supportive.

The trouble is, I just don’t know what I’m passionate about anymore. It used to be writing, then I was into fixing cars, I had a stint with making music, and I’ve even considered becoming a pastor! I’m a little all over the place.

Job opportunities are plenty here, but I don’t know what fits. I’ll probably end up staying with this job until I die. Should I just give up looking for a job that excites me?

Yes, you are a “little all over the place” as you say, so my advice for you at this time is to stay put. Don’t make a change until you’re certain of where you want to head, and where you want to land, once you set out on a new path.

Replacing a job of 10 years often, but not always, means taking a pay cut and losing the benefits you have built up over 10 years at one job. You wouldn’t want to take that step, only to regret it later.

When you mention all the activities you enjoy such as writing, fixing cars, making music and becoming a pastor, how much of those things are you doing in your leisure time? Sometimes discontent in a job points to a general discontent with how you are living your life.

Choose to live your life more fully. Once again, open the door to exploring things you feel passionate about. Incorporate the activities you enjoy in to your days, and see if your discontent with your job no longer feels like a life sentence that you have to stay in until you die.

Who knows, in the process of opening yourself up to new activities and new experiences, you may find that job you’ve been pining for.

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