Questioning Religious Beliefs? One Of Joan’s Favorite Callers!

Daniel talks about being raised to believe in Jesus. He attended church with his family every Sunday and went to a Christian School through age 12. From a young age, he was told to “believe in Jesus”. Yet, at age 24, he struggles with his belief in Christianity, and with what Jesus means to him personally.

Although Daniel’s call originally broadcast in December 2013, he remains one of my favorite callers!

Listen to Daniel in the Podcast titled, “Questioning Religious Beliefs”.

Listen as we explore some of these questions:

  • What is belief?
  • Can we make ourselves believe, just because our parents “said so”?
  • What if belief is “easy for them”, but not for you?
  • What is Faith? Where can it be found?
  • Joan shares that “Faith is a gift”.
  • If we don’t have faith, is there something wrong with us?
  • Can an intense spiritual seeking, or life challenge, lead you to faith?

Daniel thought he would eventually find God, but it never really happened for him. He stopped going to church after he left home. He said he “gave up” trying…

Yet, Daniel found God in an unexpected way, through his study of Mathematics. He also got more interested in Jesus through his study of Art.

Listen as we discuss belief, proof of God versus the mystery of God, and atheism. Allow your own personal spirituality to flow as you listen to this conversation with Daniel. He found his truth. He found a way to live with the mystery of faith. He found a way to relish it, and to revel in it.

…one of my favorite callers!

This weekend on “The Joan Jerkovich Show”, I talk with Joe who is an “Atheist Challenged With Dating Christians”. Listen for ways to relate, and things to consider, when you’re dating someone with different religious views. “Your Life Coach” brings you “Empowering Talk Radio” this Saturday December 12, from 6-7am; and Sunday December 13, from 9-10pm.

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