No Words

Like all Kansans, I was stunned and saddened to hear about the accident at the Schlitterbahn Water Park.

So, now the questions begin:

What happened?

Why did it happen?

Could a more vigorous inspection program have helped to prevent this?

Was it a failure of the equipment?

Did the staff fail in some way by either allowing the boy on the ride in the first place or by not properly strapping him in?

Should the slide be torn down?

Will Schlitterbahn be able to survive the financial hit it is sure to take?

Does that even matter?

Do we want/demand too many thrills out of our amusement and water parks?

And on and on and on…….

As I ponder this event, it occurs to me that I don’t have many, if any, answers.

I do know this.  Faith that Caleb is in a better place is essential to helping the family get through this.  There are no words that any of us can offer that will ease this family’s pain.  To the extent that this family will heal will be a function of faith and time.