Need Confidence With Dating?

I’m a kind of computer geek and getting around people makes me uncomfortable unless they’re already my friends. Most of my friends are virtual friends from online gaming.

How do I make new friends and especially meet girls I can date?

First, you need to get out more to new places that you don’t usually go to, and, you need to get involved in groups that interest you where you can meet new people!

Before you throw out a big “Duh” to my response, you might be surprised by the geeks I’ve heard from who lament not having any friends, or anyone to date. Yet, they admit to spending all their time with their computer avatars role playing through life as their alter ego.

I know that you may like those characters to role play right on to your couch, especially one of those sexy cosplay girls, but, that just ain’t gonna happen! You need to role-play into real life!

Step away from your computer, or say goodbye to your online gamer friends. Take off your headset and put down your video-game-controller, then go relate to some real people.

When you do that, pay attention to how you look. Don’t wear your dumpster diver T-shirt. You know, the one with the tiny little holes that YOU THINK “no one can even see”…and wash your greasy hair…that is unless the group of friends you hope to meet hang at the local trading card shop playing “Magic, The Gathering”…then you’ll fit right in!

It’s OK if meeting new people, and especially girls, are uncomfortable for you. Remember when you were a newb at gaming? You learned the rules of the game then played it until your skill level rose.

The rules are the same for conquering your social awkwardness. Learn the rules then practice, practice, practice.

Try using your interest in role-playing to imagine yourself as that confident, masculine warrior who fears no mission or adventure in whatever the realm. Imagine that you’re going to pull out your spell book and cast a Level 5 Charm Spell on that cute girl you’ve been fantasizing about…You know, the one you see at the Quick Shop when you stop by for your Red Bull before hitting your gaming all-nighter. So stop your lagging and GL2U!

Embrace your Personal Power with Life Coaching~
• Have you researched ways to conquer social awkwardness and anxiety?
• Where are you going to go to meet people, guys and girls, to practice, practice, practice improving your social skills?
• How much effort will you promise yourself to put forth, toward diminishing your social awkwardness?

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