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Morbid Obesity Prohibits Travel

Joan JerkovichFebruary 20, 2014

I love my wife of 26 years but it has been hard watching her gain weight over the years. She is now what her Doctor calls morbidly obese. While I’m happy with our life together and her weight doesn’t cause many problems at home, or we’ve just learned to adjust, when we travel her weight is a problem.  We’re at the point in our lives where we both want to travel but when we recently took a trip I saw her weight gain in a new light.  She could barely keep up on the sight seeing tours.  I know the walking was difficult for her and trying to fit onto a small bus seat was embarrassing, I’m concerned if we tried to fly for a vacation.  What can I do if I want to travel but her weight keeps us at home? I’ve seen her try to lose weight so many times over the years I’m not sure I can hold out hope for that.

You sound like the sweetest husband ever and your wife is so lucky to have you!  My first thought about this is that I hope you have talked with her about your concerns.  Of course you have concerns about her weight, but you do have some decisions to make about future travel plans.  Your options are to modify your travel to accommodate your wife’s disability (can I call it that?), or you could also consider traveling alone or find some travel buddies.  I’ve known couples who happily travel alone because their partner doesn’t like to travel and they do, or one has a deathly fear of flying.

Being a happy couple is all about negotiating your differences, whatever their causes.  I’m sure you and your wife will find a happy compromise and who knows, maybe your wife’s desire to travel with you, will prompt her to lose weight.  It can happen.  I know a gentleman whose refusal to have to wear a seat belt extender on an airline flight prompted him to successfully lose a great deal of weight.  A renewed motivation for your wife to lose weight could be the silver lining in this dilemma you are facing, but if not, there are many things travel agencies and groups will do to assist you both with your travel needs.  Whatever you do, I hope this doesn’t keep you at home!  Travel ho!

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  • What options for travel will work for both you and your wife?
  • How could you modify your travels to include your wife but accommodate her needs?
  • Is traveling alone an option for you?

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