It’s Common Sense!?!

KSAL StaffAugust 30, 2016

It’s Common Sense!?!


Oh yeah. One of those  phrases that always gets my attention. Sort of like “World Famous!”  I always immediately wonder why you have to tell me. If it’s “World Famous!” shouldn’t I already know that? That just makes common sense, right?


If someone has to announce to me that’s it’s just “common sense,” my common sense says I should have already known that. Then I wonder why I didn’t already think that. Am I being uncommon just to be contrary, as my nature seems to be, or is someone else’s common sense not really as common as they think. Americans love to codify things, there must be some percentages or something which could let us agree on what common sense should be.


I saw the common sense explanation in a new survey of millennials on why not only are they avoiding organized religion, they also have doubts about the existence of a deity. Besides wanting to sleep in on Sunday morning, the reason most cited for not believing was “common sense.”


My common sense has always said the exact opposite. I look at the universe and my common sense says someone was behind this. The whole shebang, especially humanity screams “Creator!”  The idea of a Big Bang, billions of years of crashing bashing and primordial muck  oozing around and presto, somehow ending up with all this, seems to my common sense as a giant leap of faith. I guess I like the simple explanation. To me, that’s makes common sense.

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