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Female Fertility Clock Ticking?

Joan JerkovichMarch 6, 2014

I saw your post “Tired of Being Single” and have to say that this is a whole different issue when you’re female and your clock is ticking.  Thoughts?

News Flash!  Research is now showing that having children when you’re 35 to 40 years old and up carry concerns for both sexes.  Not only does fertility decrease for both men and women over the age of 35, but the risks of having a baby with a genetic abnormality also increases sharply (

Thoughts? This is a distressing issue for women.  It’s very real and causes women who want children, but aren’t meeting Mr. Right, lots of angst.  The ticking clock is also what prompts some women to turn to sperm banks or sperm donors.  If you’re considering doing this you’ll want to read my blog on sperm donors because there are lots of things to consider before going that route.  Assuming your religious beliefs don’t prohibit it, finding a sperm donor is an option for women to explore before their chances of conceiving run to zero.

This issue has never seemed fair to women as even though there are risks associated with older men fathering children, we do still see those older men with younger women starting families.  It’s one thing for men to carry higher risk, it’s another thing for women to miss the mark of fertility all together. This whole issue just really sucks for women, as most wouldn’t choose to be childless or a single mother for life but, then again, some don’t have any other option. There will come a time when your clock ticks out and you’ll have to accept that having children wasn’t meant to happen in your life.  This can be devastating for women and emotionally difficult to accept.  You will grieve your loss, but you will eventually move on to bringing children in to your life through other means.

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