Is This Teen Questioning Her Sexuality?

My best friend started dating this boy. We are in 7th grade and I think she’s doing in to fit in. Other girls in our class are staring to go on dates.

My friend and I have been really close since grade school. I don’t think this boy is her type. She has been trying to get me to hook up with one of his friends. No thanks! Some of his friends are ok but most of them are stupid.

I really miss spending time with my friend because she is always with this guy. Last year she said she hated boys and that we would be together forever. I just don’t understand. Should I get a boyfriend so she will be jealous?

It sounds as if you are questioning your friend’s statement that “she hated boys” and that you “would be together forever.”

Did that sound to you like she was somehow romantically interested in or attracted to you? Are you interested in your girlfriend in that way? Do you have a “crush” on her but find boys stupid and uninteresting?

You’re the age to be discovering your sexuality, that being, whether you’re gay or straight.

This can be scary and confusing, but answer these 3 questions to help you understand your sexual orientation:

1. Who do you “crush on”?
2. Who do you fantasize about?
3. Who do you feel romantic toward?

If you find yourself attracted to girls, and not boys, don’t get down on yourself. Seek out understanding and supportive friends and adults who can help you honor and understand your being attracted to a same sex person.

Particularly challenging can be a young person who is realizing they may be gay, yet that is in conflict with the beliefs of their family or religion.

If this is a concern of yours, listen to my talk radio show this weekend where 2 young men are questioning their sexuality. They discuss their unique challenges, and I’m certain you will find support and encouragement in the sharing of their stories!

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  • Why would you want to “get a boyfriend” just to make your girlfriend jealous?
  • What could you say to your girlfriend to let her know you miss spending time with her?
  • How did you answer the 3 questions?
  • Who can you turn to for support if you are questioning your sexuality?

Listen to “The Joan Jerkovich Show” this weekend for “How To Know If You’re Gay Or Straight”, and “Christian Chooses Not To Live Gay Lifestyle”, and a tragic story with “Oral Roberts’ Gay Family Members”. 

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