Dating Men Who Just Want Sex?

I was engaged to a military man who was killed in action 18 months ago and I’m trying to move forward with dating again. What I’m finding in the dating scene is men who just want a sexual relationship or a one-night-stand but not a real relationship. That’s not me and not what I want. How do I deal with this and find men who want a real relationship?

So sorry for your loss…getting back to dating has to be tough…but I think you know to not compromise your personal values in relationship.

If you are not in to casual sex, don’t go there and don’t waste your time on those “man whores” who will sleep with anyone and everyone and carry on affairs with several women at once. I guarantee that if they are willing to quickly bed you, they are trailing several other women along as well. Congrats to you for holding fast to your own values and honoring your self respect!

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How do you meet men who want a real relationship? It becomes a numbers game. To improve your chances at winning in love you need to be in the playing field. Place yourself in positions where you will meet men. Think outside the box for new and different places to meet men because if you’re not out and about playing the game, there’s no chance of winning.

Elevate your level of play by paying attention to your physical appearance and approach toward men. Are those at the top of your game? If so, head out with confidence and a winning attitude. (Geesh-I think my commentary was inspired by my working next to the radio sports guys!)

Believe me when I say that there are men out there looking for the same thing you are, relationship. How do I know? They call my show. Maybe I should start a dating club?

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What new places might you go to meet men to date?
How can you elevate your game and make yourself stand out in the dating arena?
How will you proceed to live a full and enriching life until you meet this new man?

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