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Joan Jerkovich

Hoarders Who Think They’re Just Collectors, What is the Difference?

Joan JerkovichJuly 10, 2014

A collector: Takes pride in their possessions Experiences joy in displaying their collections Enjoys talking about their collectables Keeps their collected items well organized and displayed Feels satisfied when adding to their collection Effectively budgets their time spent collecting for their displays Effectively budgets the amount of money spent on their collections A hoarder: Exper...

Trust After Foster Care?

Joan JerkovichJuly 8, 2014

I grew up in foster care. I never had a permanent family for more than two years. People were always in and out of my life. I almost gave up on getting too emotionally involved with anyone. How do I learn to trust that people will be there for me when no one ever stuck around? When your trust in others has been as stripped down as you share in your story, you have to take yourself to the root of ...

Passive-Aggressive Tactics are Cowardly, Lily-livered and Chicken-hearted

Joan JerkovichJuly 4, 2014

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a passive-aggressive attack, it may leave you scratching your head wondering if the attack was intentional, or a reasonable mistake. Maybe they just haven’t gotten around to responding to your email? Or they forgot? Or their comment to you wasn’t meant to be cutting and critical, it was just a poor choice of words where you misperceived what t...

Manager Scheduled Vacation During Office Move?

Joan JerkovichJuly 3, 2014

Our manager, in an effort to save costs, is telling all of us we have to help move our office to a new location. We’re not professional movers. The problem is, the manager has arranged to be on vacation during the move, and won’t be there to help out. We’re not happy. Anything we can do about this? What a terd…Ok…I’ll be politically correct and simply say that your manager isn’t a ...

Failed Relationships?

Joan JerkovichJune 30, 2014

Why do I have so many failed relationships?* You ask why? Here are some possible reasons, and I’m guessing you will find your answer in more than one of these. Too Hot and Fast. A fire that burns too hot will burn out fast. The same often goes for the romance that runs on speed dial. The foundation of true connection didn’t have time to smolder and lay a base of deep coals to keep the fires ...

Friend Brags About Social Invitations?

Joan JerkovichJune 28, 2014

A friend of mine is a real social bug and gets invited to everything. I’m ok with that except that she always has to talk about all the parties and events she’s been to until it leaves me feeling left out and unpopular. We’re not in high school anymore so why do I care? No one likes to feel left out, but your friends’ behavior does sound juvenile. If she persists in talking about all the ...

Work with Ex?

Joan JerkovichJune 27, 2014

My work situation involves being around my ex-boyfriend and working closely with him. We ended on bad terms, and it’s awkward to be around him. How do I relieve that tension? It is reasonable to expect that you won’t relieve the tension. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but I’m sure that if I tried to give you some sure-fire way to make these awkward feelings go away you would k...

Face Your Fear of Failure

Joan JerkovichJune 23, 2014

If you find yourself so scared of making a mistake that you never take on a new venture. Or, you hesitate to enter the game unless you are assured of winning the gold medal; you may be challenged by a “fear of failure”. Signs you are suffering from a fear of failure can be: Reluctance to try new things Avoidance of new experiences Resistance to challenge yourself Putting off tasks, a.k.a...

Low Self-Esteem?

Joan JerkovichJune 21, 2014

Ever since I was young, I have had this message running through my head that “I’m not good enough”. When I look at all I have accomplished and the person that I am, I realize that this message isn’t true. What can I do to improve my self-esteem? Thank you for this question because I get so many Life Coaching callers who tell me that they believe the mistakes they’ve made in life, the po...

Make Your Dreams a Reality

Joan JerkovichJune 19, 2014

Dreaming about what we want in life is the fun part. It’s where we languish in the thoughts that fuel our fantasies for that life we’ve always wanted to live…but just haven’t gotten around to accomplishing yet. Do you dream of being financially independent where you can spend your days on whatever strikes your fancy? Or, do you dream of having that great relationship or job that just hasn...




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