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Joan Jerkovich

9 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Joan JerkovichMay 22, 2015

When you're new to a relationship, the flutter of attraction and romance can disguise the reality of the person you are dating. If you're not paying attention to these 9 red flags, you could find yourself in a relationship with, not the person of your dreams, but the partner of your nightmares. The first 4 red flags focus on their past, their past, their past. 1. Past history of abuse. 2. Past ...

Red Flags In Dating Relationship?

Joan JerkovichMay 18, 2015

My boyfriend of 2 years has a long history of dating, and sleeping with, many women. I know that he cheated on his last girlfriend, but I cheated on my husband, so I have no room to judge. I don’t trust him, I know he sometimes texts old girlfriends, but I also know he’s been faithful to me. I’m afraid my distrust will drive him away. …and you may be right…failure to find the “trust...

8 Reasons Good Girls Fall For Bad Boys

Joan JerkovichMay 14, 2015

Why don't you leave him? Why do you let him treat you so bad? These are the questions your friends and family may be asking you if you're in a relationship with a bad boy who mistreats you, cheats on you, or just tears you down. If you yourself have begun to wonder why you stay, look for your answer in these 8 reasons good girls fall for bad boys. 1. They want a project boy Many good women see ...

Fat Cats

Joan JerkovichMay 12, 2015

Go to the dictionary and you will find the definition of a “Fat Cat”: fat cat  noun Slang .  1.  a wealthy person from whom large political campaign contributions are expected.  2.  any wealthy person, especially one who has become rich quickly through questionable dealings.  3.  an important, influential, or famous person. It used to be that when the term “Fat Cat” was used we th...

Sick Of Job Of 10 Years?

Joan JerkovichMay 7, 2015

I've been working the same job for 10 years now. My co-workers just threw me a celebration party on my anniversary. During the party I just felt like I had to put on a fake smile. I'm so sick of my job! A few of my co-worker friends know that I'm getting anxious to do something else and have been supportive. The trouble is, I just don't know what I'm passionate about anymore. It used to be writin...

The First I Met A Transgender Female

Joan JerkovichMay 5, 2015

Transgender is in the news with the announcement by Bruce Jenner, our American Olympic hero, that he is transgender and making the transition from male to female. Yet, how many of us have actually had the opportunity to sit down and talk frankly with a transgender person to hear their side of the story? In October 2011 I had that opportunity when I interviewed Stephanie Mott, the Executive Direct...

5 Tips For Reducing Angry Outbursts

Joan JerkovichApril 30, 2015

I can’t stand the horrible drivers in this town! Half the people on the road aren’t paying attention. They are either on their cell phones or are just half asleep. Today I almost ran into a woman who pulled right out in front of me in her giant SUV. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid her. She didn’t even see me! I started screaming at her in my car. I had the windows rolled up but I kept ...

Business Owner Too Busy To Train Employees?

Joan JerkovichApril 27, 2015

I’ve spent the last 15 years branding myself as a life coach, author and public speaker but now that I’m in demand I get frustrated that my 3 support staff can’t get the smallest things right like answering the phone and booking my speaking engagements. They need cross training or a manager as I can’t do it all on 3 hours of sleep per night. I’m spread too thin. This coach needs coachin...

Fiancé Killed In Action, Frustrated With Dating Again?

Joan JerkovichApril 22, 2015

I was engaged to a military man who was killed in action 18 months ago and I’m trying to move forward with dating again. What I’m finding in the dating scene is men who just want a sexual relationship or a one-night-stand but not a real relationship. That’s not me and not what I want. How do I deal with this and find men who want a real relationship? So sorry for your loss…getting back ...

Angry Over Brother’s Murder?

Joan JerkovichApril 20, 2015

Many years ago my brother was murdered, in what we suspect, was a drug deal gone bad. The police ended up finding his killer and he’s been in jail without parole since. Everyday I think of my brother and what he would say to me if he were alive. I’m still mad at him for putting himself in such bad circumstances. I don’t know what he was thinking. It was so dangerous doing what he was. I fee...




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