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Joan Jerkovich

6 Reasons He WON’T Ask You Out On A Second Date

Joan JerkovichJune 6, 2018

Do you want to secure a second date with that hot guy you’ve been excited to go out with? As taken from a sampling of single men in their 20’s and 30’s, here are 6 things that will land you in the “no-call zone” where you won’t be asked out a second time. 1. If you talk too much, don’t expect that “I’ll call you later” to be more than empty words, flippantly said to get away...

Is Old Friend Ill? Abused?

Joan JerkovichMay 31, 2018

Recently I ran in to an old friend that, years ago, I used to have crazy fun with! She was a blast to hang out with! When I saw her I couldn’t help but think that something is really wrong in her life because her whole face looked different to me. I couldn’t put my finger on it but she looked sad, or beat down and so unhappy. The change I saw in her has been haunting me. What do you think has ...

Will This Friend Change?

Joan JerkovichMay 24, 2018

I have a friend that always seems excited to make plans to go out but then at the last minute backs out of our plans with some lame excuse or doesn’t show up. She’s lots of fun but should I just give up on making plans with her? If this friend has shown you often enough that she can’t be counted on, that her word and promises don’t have sticking power, then you don’t need to completel...

Tired Of Being Single?

Joan JerkovichMay 10, 2018

When will I find the man of my dreams? I’m tired of being single and I’m tired of dating losers. Looking for a relationship is a pressing issue for many single people. If you follow my radio show, you’ve heard me do Life Coaching with numerous men and women who are asking this very same question. To draw from what my callers have shared, many of them are, like you, out there in the tr...

5 Steps To Rekindle Your Lost Love

Joan JerkovichMay 3, 2018

When the first blush of romance hits, it’s like you’re walking through life with your feet floating above ground. You glide through your days and nights, barely noticing what’s happening around you. All you feel is your new love, and life is perfect! Your friends see the change in you. They notice the doe-eyed, far-off look, or the giddy laughter when you talk about your new flame. Chance...

Anxiety With Fear Of Dying?

Joan JerkovichApril 24, 2018

I am a 17-year-old teen and I have a fear of death. Most people my age probably aren’t thinking of this but I am. I believe in God and I am a Christian, but at times when I am out or at night I constantly/sometimes fear death. I get scared about my family dying. I know u can’t stop this fear, but I would appreciate some advice on how to reduce the fear. I want to live my life but I can’t see...

Mother-In-Law Guilting Husband Into Visiting More Often?

Joan JerkovichApril 18, 2018

My in-laws have never been very involved in our lives because they refuse to meet us halfway when it comes to visits. We live out of state from them and they always expect us to travel to get together. Since my husband and I are both professionals with busy careers, and it’s not easy for us to take the kids away from school and their activities, it’s hard for us to make time to travel. That, p...

Procrastinating? Try This “Rule Of 3’s”

Joan JerkovichApril 11, 2018

Procrastinating is more common than one might think. Who hasn’t taken a look at that dreaded “to-do” list, only to decide it can wait? Who hasn’t fallen away from the “drudge” list, right onto the couch or easy chair for an afternoon of mindless net surfing, or Netflix streaming? Even if you’re a get-it-done type of person, when haven’t you tackled your list of “tasks” by prior...

Upset Husband Watches Porn?

Joan JerkovichApril 5, 2018

I caught my husband watching porn on his computer. I was very hurt. Am I not good enough for him? Men and porn. Let’s start with the research. Men are hard-wired to look at porn yet only 26 percent routinely do and of those 5% have a problem with it…from WebMD. Assuming that your husband is not one of the problematic viewers, and that he is still interested in you sexually, this is one o...

UPDATE: Cheating Ended This Relationship

Joan JerkovichMarch 29, 2018

My boyfriend has a long history of dating, and sleeping with, many women. I know that he cheated on his last girlfriend, but I cheated on my husband, so I have no room to judge. I don’t trust him. I know he sometimes texts old girlfriends, but I also know he’s been faithful to me. I’m afraid my distrust will drive him away. …and you may be right…failure to find the “trust” you nee...




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