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Joan Jerkovich

Fat Shaming By Internet Trolls

Joan JerkovichAugust 22, 2018

Obesity is a hot button topic. One where the Internet trolls can be vicious. Whether you're 10 or 100 pounds overweight, no one deserves to be Fat Shamed! Yes, here are real posts taken from the internet… From the fat shamers: ~These people need to get off their [email protected]$$ and get some exercise…..Stop using handicap parking stalls because you are fat…..Stop using an electric scooter tha...

Traumatic Amputations, Veterans Assist Bombing Victims

Joan JerkovichAugust 15, 2018

For the people who lost limbs in the Boston Marathon bombing April 15, 2013, this story is about the Veterans, who are also amputees, came to their aid. It is also a story about coping with a traumatic injury that can change your life forever... In the Boston Marathon bombing, most of the trauma was to the lower extremities or the legs, yet people who’ve also had some sort of illness, or inju...

How To Manage Workplace Gossip

Joan JerkovichAugust 8, 2018

I have a co-worker who stirs up trouble at work because she is always gossiping about someone. It creates a lot of hard feelings and pits people against each other. I know the manager has talked with her about this when others have complained. How do I keep out of the drama? I’ve had to deal with this from both a co-worker and a management position so I’m going to give my opinion on how to ...

Witness To Mass Shooting

Joan JerkovichJuly 31, 2018

My girlfriend was in the Aurora, Colorado theatre July 20, 2012 and witnessed the mass shooting there. She didn’t get hurt, but saw people who had been shot. She was so traumatized that it has been hard for her to get over it. Not long after when the shooting of the children in Newtown and then the Boston bombing or any mass shooting news comes up it still really gets her upset. How can I help h...

A Celebrity’s Self Criticism

Joan JerkovichJuly 25, 2018

As a 2013 contestant on Dancing with The Stars, Jack Osbourne launched a saddening litany of self-criticism where he said, “I got the worst genes in my family, check this out: (bleeping) fat, heart problem, MS (multiple sclerosis), can’t (bleeping) sing, can’t act…I’m doomed!” Yet, his pro partner, Cheryl Burke (da bomb!) called him a “great dancer”. Jack and Cheryl go on to dan...

Who Pays for Dinner?

Joan JerkovichJuly 10, 2018

It was a casual invitation to dinner but she wanted more. She wanted to at least feel that she was being courted, but when the check arrived the dance of “who’s going to pay for dinner” ensued. Being a progressive young career woman, Lauren offered to split the check. Her dinner date happily agreed. There have been more dinner dates over the past month with the all-too-familiar dance o...

Not-so-Perfect Mothers

Joan JerkovichJuly 4, 2018

All of us mothers, no matter what background we come from, can recount the times we failed our children. All of us can be labeled as “Not-so-Perfect”, but some mothers truly have more challenges than others. LISTEN to "The Joan Jerkovich Show," this Saturday from 6-7am; or Sunday from 9-10pm. Podcast posts to Mondays. LISTEN to 1150 KSAL as "Your Life Coach" brings you "Empowering Ta...

5 Coping Strategies After Major Setback

Joan JerkovichJune 27, 2018

You've had a major setback. You got passed over for a big promotion at work, or the big recording contract slipped through your fingers, or you lost out on the job of your dreams after being called back for a third interview. We’ve all had to deal with setbacks, but the trick is to slide through them with ease and not let them slam us back to the raw beginning. Just because there’s a crack in ...

Adjusting To Retirement?

Joan JerkovichJune 21, 2018

My whole career I traveled and since I’m fluent in Spanish frequently had to travel outside the country. There was a point where my stay-at-home wife and I struggled since I traveled so much, but now that I’m recently retired she doesn’t seem to want me around. She suggested I get a part-time job. Is this what retirement is supposed to be? First, make sure your retirement is what you want...

9 Ways Permissive Parents Hurt Children

Joan JerkovichJune 12, 2018

OK, I admit that it may be an exaggeration to say that if you are a permissive parent you are hurting your children, but there are problems associated with being the parent who doesn’t discipline and doesn’t set limits or consequences. LISTEN to "The Joan Jerkovich Show," this Saturday from 6-7am; or Sunday from 9-10pm. Podcast posts to Mondays. LISTEN to 1150 KSAL as "Your Life Coac...




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