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Caring For Elderly Parents?

Joan JerkovichMarch 1, 2018

My parents are getting older, and I’m expected to take care of them. My friends say I’m heartless if I put them in a nursing home. I feel obligated to care for them in my own home, but I know we would be miserable. It would be difficult to arrange my work around their care, but mostly, I’m concerned that our personalities would clash. Is it acceptable to let them live in an assisted living facility? I feel guilty thinking of not caring for them in my home.

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You’ve answered your own question by saying you would both be miserable. Plus, who needs enemies when you have friends that lay a guilt trip on you like this one?

To care for an elderly parent in your home is a 24-hour daily commitment. Few people are up to the task.

As an alternative to having them live in your home, consider carving out extra time to visit them at the Assisted Living facility. Incorporate activities in to your visits that you both enjoy.

When you don’t have the demands of being the person who tends to their daily care needs, you can focus on making your time together enriching to your relationship. Have fun together!

Unleash your Personal Power with Life Coaching~
• Do you have within you the personal power to tell your “friends” to keep their guilt shaming opinions to themselves?
• How can you address your own feelings of guilt?
• Have you had problems dealing with guilt over other issues in life?
• How have you dealt with guilt from past issues?
• If you’ve had success in resolving issues of guilt from your past, how can you apply those principles to this issue?

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