A Tribute to Ruth…

It’s been a moment since I’ve written a blog, simply because I need to be inspired before I share my thoughts with you.  So, what I’ll share with you today is in response to that.

Last week, our community lost a wonderful woman.  Her name was Ruth Brouddus.  I feel like I knew her personally although I had never spent one moment in her presence.  I got to know Ruth through Shelly who is one of the leaders of Circles of the Heartland, a non-profit agency in Salina that seeks to end poverty by empowering families and communities to thrive.  Both ladies were passionate about this cause and spent years trying to make the local chapter the success that it was and still is.

After being on the air with me a number of times, Shelly & I became friends.  And Ruth, never wishing to share the “spotlight” with Shelly, was always in the background cheering Shelly on.  In fact, the last time that I “spoke” with Ruth, I emailed her about getting Shelly back in the studio and she was trying to coordinate several dates that would work.  I, also, shared with her that I couldn’t wait to meet her because Shelly talked about her so much.  Sadly, that time never came because Ruth had a heart attack and died within a week of our correspondence.

At Ruth’s funeral and the rosary the night before, I was so moved by the number of people who were there to express their condolences to Shelly, their families, and friends.  People who had basked in the glow of her smile.  People who had experienced her warmth as she hugged and comforted them during their times of struggle.  People who lives were forever changed because of her commitment to serve others.

So, what is it that I’m trying to say in this blog?  I want to be like Ruth.

I want to live a life that touches so many in a positive way that even those who may not have known me personally feel the impact that my life has had on their lives. At my funeral, I want the church to be filled with people who will both mourn my death and celebrate my life.  At the end of my service, I want someone to be challenged to do more with their lives as I was after Ruth’s service.

So, thank you, Ruth, for the life that you lived and the love that you gave to so many.  I hope that those of us who are left behind will carry on your legacy for many years to come.