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Santa Stash 2017

Trump, Cruz

Hannah Holt - March 10, 2016 8:59 am

Trump, Cruz. Cruz, Trump.

It was 10 minutes till 2 on Caucus Saturday. Even though I had been the first one from the Republican Party to show up at Salina Central High School hours ago, I had just officially checked in and gotten my ballot. I sat there staring at it.

Cruz, Trump. Trump Cruz.

Even though there were a total of seven names on the ballot plus the opportunity to vote “uncommitted” (what would be the point of that?), I only saw two names.

Trump, Cruz. Cruz, Trump.

As I sat in that long hall at Central, I could see the line was nearly out the door. Again. All of us on the Caucus Committee had worked hard to keep the line moving as quickly as possible, but the turnout had been overwhelming.

Cruz, Trump. Trump, Cruz.

A thought occurred to me. The guy driving this bus called “Turnout” is Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, the reason the turnout was nearly three times what it had been four years ago, the reason for the long lines, the reason for all the excitement and desire to participate in this Caucus is The Donald.

Trump, Cruz. Cruz, Trump.

Trump had many enthusiastic voters in the house. Many, many more were there to vote for “anybody but Trump”. Either way, they were there because of Donald Trump. So, where did I fall? Do I vote for Trump because he is the reason for this unbelievable turnout and I have longed for the day that people get excited to get out and vote. Or do I go with the solid as a rock conservative Ted Cruz whose work in the United States Senate I have appreciated for years?

Cruz, Trump. Trump, Cruz.

I marked by ballot and stuffed it in the box.

Doug Clemens

March 14, 2016 at 8:52 am

Clarke Sanders at least you got to mark your ballot. Many of us could not do so which is so un-American. I served in the military to protect our rights to free speech and to vote but now I am being denied both of those freedoms because of people like yourself who set these things up so independents could not vote. If many of us could have voted the outcome would have been different.

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