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The Fix is in for Hillary

Clarke Sanders - April 19, 2016 12:15 am

I’ll admit it.

What the Republican Party did in Colorado was probably disingenuous.  However, it wasn’t illegal and it is getting a little old hearing Donald Trump whine about it.  The rules in Colorado weren’t secret.  Trump chose not to play by them and now he has no business griping because the Ted Cruz forces used the rules to their advantage.  Sort of like Trump has used bankruptcy laws to his advantage.

Still, one could argue that Colorado Republicans were disenfranchised.

OK.  That’s one.

But that pales in comparison to what has been happening in state after state on the Democrat side.  Bernie Sanders has gotten more votes in 13 of the 29 contests held to date, but he doesn’t get a commensurate number of delegates.  Why?  The Democrats have over 700 so-called “Super Delegates”.  These are Democrat Party insiders, the modern day version of political bosses in smoke-filled back rooms, and they are the ones running the show and they do not want a self- proclaimed socialist as their party’s presidential nominee.

So far, Mrs. Clinton has “won” 1,289 delegates and Bernie has “won” 1,045.  That’s pretty close.  However, of the exactly 500 Super Delegates who have declared their support so far, only 31 are “feeling the Bern”.  31.  Hillary has a lead of only 244 “won” delegates, but a commanding lead of 438 in Super Delegates.  To put it another way, she has “won” 55% of the delegates where the voters have had a say, but she has been given 94% of the delegates controlled by the party insiders.

Isn’t it interesting how many on the left love to rail against voting laws championed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach claiming that having to show your birth certificate to register to vote or having to show a photo ID when you go to the polls is somehow supposed to suppress turnout—especially minority turnout.

I’ll tell you what really suppresses turnout.  When the voters in your party finally understand that, in the end, the party insiders are going to pick the nominee and those same insiders, by and large, don’t give a damn what a significant portion of their party’s rank and file think.

Wake up Democrats!  Everything is fixed and you can’t change it.

Doug Clemens

April 22, 2016 at 12:39 am

Trump’s whine? Does not compare to you and your whine. Why would you be in favor of delegates? The popular vote is the way this needs to be decided. Let’s look at Saline county who would not let independents vote and pushed for Cruz. Do you even know anything about this guy or are you just spouting off because you do not like Trump? To say the fix is in for Hillary is misleading but then again one must look at the source of the comment.

Greg Stephens

April 26, 2016 at 9:14 pm

I suspect there is a sea change afoot Clarke…and the R’s may need to wake up. The pendulum is swinging a new direction. Remember, Goldwater’s movement took a decade or two to occur. This current movement has already started…and it is toward a more centrist liberal perspective. History is repeating itself. The present Gilded Age is ending.

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