Hospice of Salina
Leadercast 2015


KSAL Staff - May 15, 2014 7:46 pm

14. Sympatico

14. Sympatico

14. Sympatico

Artist: Pokey Park

Hometown: Arizona
Year completed: 2010

Description of piece:
A bronze girl and a dog.

Artist bio:
Pokey Park creates with the hope that her work will bring a smile to the viewer. “Happiness is a very strong positive force.” Pokey believes that sculpture in general reaches out to people on an emotional level. It addresses two of our senses without even trying; sight and the sense of touch. Everything has serious and whimsical dimensions. Park sees these characteristics in the uninhibited play of wild animals and children’s quiet moments of introspection. “I look for the underlying join in the world to express in my sculptures.”

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