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STD Task Force Considered

KSAL Staff - January 13, 2016 5:07 pm

In order to address the on-going, pervasive nature of sexually transmitted diseases and infections, Health Department Director Jason Tiller wants to start a task force. Procedures for doing so are outlined in the Saline County Commission’s Health Advisory Council by-laws. The HAC met Tuesday.

A syphilis outbreak in October has prompted the HD to consider providing more public health awareness of STDs in general. Tiller presented no new statistics at yesterday’s meeting. In December, Tiller said that the total number of lab confirmed cases of syphilis was 16.

Tiller hopes to ask appropriate individuals from the three unified school districts, St. John’s Academy, the private schools, and colleges to serve on the task force. National demographic information shows that women in their early twenties are more likely to get chlamydia and gonorrhea; the same sources suggest older white males are getting syphilis in increasing numbers.

Tiller is also working on a local health alert network to advise medical professionals of outbreaks. Tiller said the HD has placed information about STDs on CityGo buses. Drafts of posters were circulated; one suggested “Keep Calm and Get Tested”. Tiller is in the process of drafting 60 second public service messages that KSAL Radio will air.

Members talked specifically about a situation where an individual who had been referred to the HD for STD testing and had no ability to pay. S/he went to the HD and was told to call to schedule an appointment. Tiller said that when fully scheduled, the three nurses and nurse practitioner may already have their time fully committed to doing immunizations, performing well-woman checks, etc. While not knowing if they may have an STD can be deeply concerning to an individual, it is not a medical emergency.

Tiller discussed the status of four HD position vacancies. Earlier yesterday, the County Commission expressed a willingness to continue to provide grant matching funds for two Family Consultants, who work for the HD, but with Heartland Services. The HD also needs a registered nurse to head up its Home Health program; it is posted as a Home Health Coordinator.

Tiller addressed concerns about the possible need for extended hours and the use of Ryan White program funds.

County Commissioner John Price attended the meeting. He was appointed to serve on the HAC during the January 12th County Commission meeting.

The Council voted to allow public comment at their meetings if they had completed their discussions; a five minute block of time will be divided by the number of individuals seeking to speak.

Story by: Karen Shade for KSAL News

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Terry Clark

January 13, 2016 at 7:13 pm

Another day, another task force, another “crisis”. Another example of where the incompetence-by-design of government–“Schools” that do not educate, fluoride added to the water that has been well-established to dumb-down the populace–is used to justify more interventions.

It is long past time for people of good conscience to run for office, eliminate the malevolence and overreach of government, and to the extent government can perform a proper and limited role, have it do so economically and competently.

Doug Clemens

January 14, 2016 at 9:03 am

Yes sir and all you talked about is funded by taxpayer money which the city commissioners are spending like drunken sailors on leave. Funny how when taxpayers vote something out people run for office lie to get elected then find a way to get monies for their project. But we are supposed to have a city manager but we do not as he has become a big problem of what is going on here. Just maybe we need another task force to look into what the manager and commissioners are doing. OPPS can not do that as it would cost to much to try and get honest people to look out for the taxpayers footing the bill.

Doug Clemens

January 14, 2016 at 9:06 am

One other comment has anyone else noticed that anytime they want to pass something at an election they are now wanting to send out home ballets? That should not be allowed as there is no way in knowing who is filling out those ballets. Voters should have to come to a polling place show their ID and vote. Mailed ballets is not the way to go and if there is no law against them then there should be.

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