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STAR Bond Stalemate Could Doom Salina Project

KSAL Staff - March 18, 2017 11:13 am

All four Salina area legislators returned home for a question and answer session with the public on Saturday.

About 50 people gathered, including Senator Randall Hardy and Representatives Steven Johnson, Diana Dierks, and J.R. Claeys for the townhall style question and answer session.

The event was dominated by talk of the state budget, taxes, and education.

The legislators conceded that the only way at this point to balance the budget for the current year is through some creative accounting moves. Johnson said that there are really only two solutions. A payment to the state employees KPERS retirement fund can be delayed, or in lieu of that money can be borrowed.

Hardy said that the looming future budget problems are so daunting that it will take years before there is ever a real fix. “Right now we are simply trying to stop the hemorrhaging,” he said. He said that he is “disappointed but not discouraged” by the problems in Topeka.

While none of the news at the event was particularly good, perhaps the worst news for Salina came from Claeys. He said that the Kansas STAR Bond program is right now in jeopardy, thus putting the revitalization of Salina Downtown in jeopardy. The STAR Bond program, which is supposed to fund $19 million for the Salina project, will end on June 30th unless it is renewed. Right now, though, it has stalled in the Senate.



Claeys urges citizens to contact their legislator, and to also contact Senator Susan Wagle in particular. “You need to tell them how important specifically this project is to you, and how it specifically will be shut down if STAR Bonds are not reauthorized,” he concluded.



The final legislative update is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th, at the Salina Area Chamber’s Visit Salina Annex.


J.R. Claeys discusses with KSAL News the impact of STAR Bonds on the Salina Downtown Project:

Doug Clemens

March 19, 2017 at 1:14 am

I will contact them saying this is a waste of money for Salina. Many business’s continue to close down and what is left are bars, restaurants and tattoo parlors. Then their are private business offices that would not interest shoppers. This is a dream of the river people. They were for the field house but that looks like a poor farmer built it with mis-matching metal and it is disgraceful plus we taxpayers got stuck with the bill because the city scammed us with a mail in ballot instead of poll voting then tossed out thousands of ballots voting against it. Funny after this occurred Merriman resigned to run for office he could never win. Its time to clean up our own swamp here in Salina.

Warren Fair

March 19, 2017 at 12:45 pm

I agree with you 100% Doug. We keep throwing good money after bad and it needs to stop. We need more transparency in what goes on in the courthouse.

Mkond Hljionw

March 19, 2017 at 9:18 pm

Is this project going to bring any good jobs to Salina? NO!
Does this project do anything for the needy in Salina? NO!
Does this project help the Salina Rescue Mission? NO!
Does this project help the Ashby House? NO!
Does this project do anything positive for the taxpayers in Salina? NO!
So why is it being done? So the greedy rich people in Salina who DON’T have to pay any INCOME TAX can pat themselves on the back!
Another pet peeve project that the Salina taxpayers have to burden.

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